Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Stonehenge building work

Success from Arthur Pendragon! Some say the neo-druid is crazy old eccentric but today his stubborn campaign to keep Stonehenge free from developments has paid off.


His was protesting to keep from building a £65bil visitors center on the heritage site and to close the A344 which brings unsightly and polluting traffic very close to the site, after he has been successful. Architecture minister Barbara Follett today announced the visitors center will be built 2k away from the site at the same time as a government announcement on the closure of the A344. Although I do enjoy coming over that hill and seeing the silhouette of our most ancient national treasure I welcome the change and believe the site will be all the better for it.

Celtic Neopaganism refers to Neopagan movements based on, or loosely inspired by, historical Celtic polytheism. It is widely varied and there are a lot of variations on teachings orders and rituals: essentially it is about appreciating the ecosystem and acknowledging we are all part of and dependant on the earth and the seasons. The Druid order has never been more popular with tens of thousands turning up for solstices and moots (meetings). I for one know nearly a dozen pagans, which is 2nd most popular religion found in people I know, 2nd only to Christianity.

Summer solstice at Stonehenge 2007

I am very glad about the news regard to building works to improve the beloved ancient site and am grateful to Arthur for his hard work and determination. The 55 year old certainly has an interesting character, he has no permanent residence and instead lives on the hospitality or his friends and family. He is continually an inspiration for eco campaigns and alternative political causes. Hats of to you!

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  1. I'll pass this message onto him when I see him next :o) He's on Facebook too! x