Monday, 18 May 2009

MSN virus and BCC

In the midst of the worm virus which 4 of my friends have now suffered with in the last month I have decided to blog about it. This worm is not damaging but more annoying. It logs into your msn account on messenger for a few seconds and sends links to people in your lists. It often says something like “this is funny” or “photo of you” followed by a link. In one case I experienced it then download a worm (I didn’t luckily) to your pc causing damage but this most recent one simply asks you to log into msn and stealing your log in details.

A simple way to slow down virus and nuisance scams is to use blind carbon copy when you send out forwarding bulk emails. Bcc send emails without letting a 3rd party know all of the address, avoiding the risk of viruses and scammers getting hold of these addresses. It also makes the emails easier to read for recipients, without having to scroll past the hundreds of addresses before reaching the message.

I myself was ignorant to this feature intill recently and have since taken it on bored when ever I send emails. I know how easy it is for viruses to spread and if I had one on my pc they would steal the addresses as they were sent electronically, just some thing to think about!

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