Wednesday, 27 May 2009

William Shatner

As a life long trekie I admire the legend that is William Shatner, his cameo appearances and unique character have kept him beloved for many a year. In particular I love his advertisement for World of Warcraft, in which he plays a Tauren Shaman, and Mr T -Night Elf mohawk - and Ozzy Osbourne - Undead Mage -star along side Shatner with equal awesome-ness. Casting a host of geek idols to lure in new gamers is a stroke of genius on WoW's part.

But I must say his name in the papers recently is far from top form from old Bill. He didn't attend the première of the recent Strek Trek re-make movie, at which he would have been a treated like the Star and ledgeand he truly is, instead he sulked at home because Leonard Nimoy got to appear in it and he didn't.

I've seen the movie; its an expensive blockbuster with immense attention to detail, amazing sound effects and brilliant CGI graphics. It has an interesting story line, involving time travel (hence Nimoy's appearance) and Chris Pine did a great job living up to the heavy expectations of Trek fans by portraying James T Kirk beautifully. I suspect that also had more than a marginal role to play in Shatners sulk, my advice to him is: man up Bill and enjoy the shiny new thrill ride that is Star Trek : )

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