Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Although its been raining here in Essex I thought I take the chance to comment on sunscreen before the summer kicks in in the south, and believe me it is going to be a scorcher! With everyone broke there will be less holidays and after lots of health risks for teenagers on sunbeds i'm sure many more people will be out worshiping the sun in thier gardens this year.

Its surprises me that today there are still modern forward thinking people who don't wear sunscreen. They might put it on if they were sunbathing or on holiday but usually the UK is too over cast to warrant needing it everyday. And if they do put it on often its only once and not reapplied. Some people think a high SPF will protect you for longer, but anything from 15 up is fine and it does not get that much better UVB (Harmful suns rays that damage your skin) coverage the higher you go.

Did you know sunscreen takes 30minutes to start work? You should put it on before you go out and not just when you think you may be sitting in the sun. The UK is a granny state and with a heat wave impending the labour party will put out dangerous warnings and health risks concerning the sun, some people will say this is ridiculous and patronising but most people don't bother wearing a hat or sunscreen so I think although patronising its also nessceray.

Where ever you are lobster is not a good look, no to mention the difference it will make once you meet middle aged, when the sun tan fades the damage is ther for good and gets continually worse. So slap it on girls and boys and dont forget your hat : )

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