Thursday, 5 May 2011

Our right to vote part 2: The Referendium

Many of you who are interested in politics may have heard about some changes in our voting for out government, just recently its been all over our news. On May 5th the public will be asked whether they want to replace the existing first-past-the-post system for electing MPs to Westminster with a method known as the alternative vote. Basically this means instead of a cross for your favourite party, ranking all parties no offer. If your first choice gets the least vote they are knocked out and your 2nd choice is taken

This new way of voting has confused many voters and frightened others. The old school guys say that AV will be too expensive, that it will let more "extremist" parties into or government or that its complexity will scare away voters who don't understand. The pro AV folks say it will mean an end to tactical voting (wanting to vote for the small guy but forced to vote for the your least disliked big man.) and will give those small guys more of a fair chance at the MP seats. If you still unclear about the changes a great website for the pros and cons for both FPP and AV can be found

I think its important for everyone to use their right to vote in a country with fair democracy but its also important that your vote is not a blind one, educate yourself before heading down to the polling station :)

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